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Best Types of Water Hose for Car Enthusiasts




Are you a car enthusiast wondering which type of water hose will serve you best? Well good news, you just stumbled on the right article. First, you need to get a good hose reel to go with any hose reel. Here’s one that comes with a 2 year warranty.

Planning on buying a water hose too? There are lots of considerations to be made including the type of equipment you wish to make use of. Other important things you should keep in mind are, whether you love details or not, and how convenient a particular product is for you.

Different types of hoses come with different equipment such as the hose reel and many others. So what you need should determine what you buy.

Different Types of Water Hose

Generally, there are two major types of water hose: the consumer-grade water hose and the commercial-grade water hose.

Every pressure washer makes use of a commercial garden hose. This is because a pressure washer pumps water at a very high speed which could lead to cracking in a regular garden hose.

Another disadvantage of using a consumer-grade hose is that most of them are made of PVC. Hence, they are quite flexible. A lot of people will even describe them as flimsy. Their nature makes them susceptible to leaking and kinking.

A high-quality PVC-rubber blend isn’t such a bad investment for most people. But if you are a car enthusiast and the littlest details matter to you, then you should get a high-quality commercial hose.

Commercial Grade Water Hose

If you enjoy washing cars that much, the commercial-grade water hose is a better choice for you. Don’t worry, they are still compatible with your standard hose reel so you don’t have to get a bigger reel.

They are not only stronger, but they are also far more efficient than most consumer-grade hoses you see around.


  • They are strong and durable
  • They are less prone to kinking
  • They hardly leak
  • They are compatible with pressure washers

Quality of Construction

The major difference between a commercial-grade hose and a consumer-grade hose is the type of material they are constructed with. Most commercial-grade water hoses are made with rubber therefore, they are very durable.

Rubber hoses can be a bit difficult to work with this is why manufacturers provide numerous other options. These options are more flexible and easier to maneuver although they are not as strong as the rubber hose.

Some of the alternative materials include;

  • PVC (plastic)
  • Polyurethane
  • Synthetic rubber

Consumer Grade Water Hose

This type of hose is less expensive and is suitable for people who wash cars regularly. It is recommended for domestic use especially if you do not need a pressure washer. However, before you purchase one, you must consider the quality of construction.

Quality of Construction

Generally, every standard consumer-grade hose is made of plastic. These plastics are very flexible and easy to work with but they are not so strong and could break easily. You must handle them with utmost care if you don’t want to be dealing with a broken hose all the time.


Between these two major types of water hose, you cannot say out rightly that one is better than the other. They both have their advantages and limitations.


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