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Choosing Between Linear and UFO bay Lights Effectively




Have you ever been to the market to get the best high bay lights but suddenly got confused? Well, that is what happens, especially when there are lots of options available to choose from. As for the high bay lights, there are two options you can choose from, depending on where you want to use the lights. The options are the UFO high bay lights and the linear high bay lights. Maybe you can ask yourself the required light fixture you will need during the installation process. However, that is not enough. If it is for retail purposes, consider the effect of the lights on the buying behavior of your customers. Also, the available space plays a critical role in determining the lights you will install.

Note: The linear high bay lights have a rectangular shape, and they emit light in beams, hence lighting a large area. On the other hand, UFO lights are round-shaped and emit light at 90 degrees or 120 degrees.

Different places and appropriate high bay lights to use

Garage workshop

A garage workshop definitely has many things occupying the big space. Here you will require high bay lights that produce light in even distribution for an effective working environment. This means you will have to install linear high bay lights.

The Warehouse

A warehouse is definitely a large space that deserves good lighting to enhance a good working environment. Here all you need to consider is a high bay light that is cost-effective while saving energy. Yes, you will require the lights with a high focus which are UFO high bay lights. Still, the linear high bay lights will also function effectively as they will distribute the light in beams, thus covering a wide space.

Sports facilities

With sports facilities, both linear and UFO high bay lights can function effectively. It all depends on the real purpose and your preferred style. You only need to factor in the type of fixture and the height.

Grow room

These are rooms that require lights with the exact focus. Since different plants require different light settings, UFO lights are effective in this case since they will emit the light uniformly without redirecting it

Cold storage

In the cold storage space, you need the high bay lights that will cover the high areas and all the shelves. Again, cold areas need lights that can run for long hours. This implies that you must factor in energy-efficient and cost-effectiveness. Still, the high bay lights you will select for cold storage need to last long to avoid frequent repairs and replacements. This will also help you to cut down on maintenance costs. In this case, linear high bay lights will work effectively in cold storage areas.


Do you have a commercial space or any high bay area that requires adequate lighting? Well, if you always get confused about how to go about the matter, I hope this guide has given you the best ideas to put into consideration.


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