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Facts You Need To Know About Locket Necklaces




Lockets have existed for quite a long time. They were first worn in the 1400s on necklaces, bracelets, brooches, or rings. People would wear them with pictures of the King and Queen as an image or eminence to the crown. During the 1600s, following Charles I of England’s passing, his allies would wear lockets with his photograph as an image of grieving. As of now, lockets became grieving adornments. The application of lockets, particularly locket necklaces, keep expanding as the years go by. Currently, lockets with photos (medaillon mit foto) are quite popular. This post looks into locket necklaces keenly.

What is a locket?

A locket is a type of pendant. It is characterized by the fact that it opens to reveal small storage space. The space can be used for storing a photograph or any other sentimental item. Some people use lockets to keep locks of hair and personal mementos that they would like to have close to them or wear close to their hearts.

Locket necklaces are made up of two primary components, which are the chain and the locket. The chain usually holds the locket. It can be a long or short chain, depending on your style and liking.

Uses of locket necklaces

Locket necklaces are incredible pieces of jewelry because they can be applied in a wide range of situations. Below are some uses of locket necklaces;

1. Holiday gifts

You can give your loved ones and friends a locket necklace during special holidays like valentine’s day, Christmas, and others. They make incredible gifts for such occasions because of their sentimental nature. For instance, gifting a loved one a locket with your photo or a sentimental photo inside would make a fantastic valentine’s gift.

2. Holding sentimental belongings

A locket necklace does not only make a good gift. You can also buy one for yourself and use it to keep your sentimental items. For instance, a mother can have a locket necklace with photos of her child inside. Also, some women keep locks of hair from their babies in their lockets. They do this as a way of preserving their sentimental. Some also love to wear their sentimental items and the things they love next to their heart.

3. Keeping heirlooms

You can also use a locket to hold on to heirlooms. These are important items that are passed down from generation to generation.

Other occasions when you can wear a locket are:

4. Mourning a loved one

A lot of people wear lockets featuring a photo or a loved one or a special message. This way of wearing lockets has been used for generations and generations. For instance, in the event of the death of a family member, the royal family wears lockets as a sign of morning and paying their respects.

5. Honoring a friendship or relationship

You can also wear a locket as a way of celebrating a significant relationship in your life.


The method for wearing a locket is usually determined by where the locket is set. For instance, for a locket set on a necklace, you wear it around your neck. However, a locket can also be set on a bracelet. This method is not as standard as the necklace counterpart. However, some people still use it.


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