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Hose Reel Materials Based On The Components




Choosing a hose reel is a simple task. All you have to do is ensure that the product is durable, features a stable retractable system, is easy to use, and is designed for a particular purpose. While most people are content with the elements listed above, some go as far as to look into the hose reel materials. This post will be looking into hose reel material in depth.

Hose reel materials

One thing you should know about hose reels is that they are usually made from more than one material. This means that various components can feature different kinds of materials. Below are some hose reel components and their materials;

1. The hose reel drum

The hose reel drum is a cylindrical spindle or wheel on which the hose is placed. It comes in different sizes, depending on the brand and hose reel capacity. The component can also be made from varying materials. The most common hose reel drum materials are metal, fiberglass, and plastic.

Note that the type of material used depends on the application of the hose reel. It also depends on the installation area of the hose reel. Metal hose reel drums are the most durable and efficient. It is also worth noting that various types of metals can be applied. The most common ones are stainless steel, pure steel, and aluminum. Heavy-duty metals are applied for industrial hose reels because of the demanding and harsh conditions in which they operate.

2. Hose reel case

This is the part that houses all the other hose reel components. It is usually made of robust materials that can withstand harsh conditions. The materials are also often coated to prevent corrosion and withstand various weather elements. The most popular hose reel case materials are aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, and steel. Metal hose reel cases are primarily used because they meet the standards listed above. Additionally, they can handle the weight of all the other components on the hose reel. Note that the hose reel case’s design, size, and material depend on its application, brand, and design.

3. The hose

The hose and hose reel work hand in hand. Therefore, it is only fair to mention it when discussing hose reel components since a hose reel would be useless without a hose. Most of the time, hoses are made from a blend of materials. Regardless, the best hoses are designed to withstand constant application, pulling, high temperature, and pressure. Hoses used in applications like oil and chemical transfer are usually designed with more caution than the latter. They are built to withstand the harsh nature of the chemicals and maintain their longevity.

4. Hose reel accessories

This refers to the screws and other fixtures. They are also commonly made from metal. However, in a few cases, they can be made from plastic or rubber.


Note that the type of material used to make each of the components mentioned above, and more, usually depends on applying the hose reel. Naturally, hose reels used for heavy applications are made using metal. On the other hand, hose reels used for tasks like holding cables can be made from plastic. Regardless, the materials are usually tested before the products are released into the market.


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