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The Common Garden Hoses Available On the Market




If you enjoy gardening and love planting vegetables or flowers, then you need to use the right garden hoses. That is because a garden hose makes it easier and more convenient to water your plants. There are different manufacturers out there that make different types of garden hoses. You need to ensure you get the best type to suit your watering requirements. These are the various types you should consider.

Regular Garden Hoses

These hoses are widely used in many households. Most people like them because of their simple operation and usage. They are available in a range of lengths. The most common ones range from 20 ft to 150 ft. Most of these hoses are made of rubber or vinyl. As a result, they are easy to use, notwithstanding the prevailing weather conditions. Remember that these hoses have medium-level durability. Thus, they are suitable for hobby gardeners and typical homeowners.

Flat Garden Hoses

These are designed for households with space issues and amateur gardeners. Since they are compact, you can keep them anywhere without any problem. These hoses remain flat until filled with water. They have male and female attachments. This makes it easier to install them on different sprayers and spigot. Also, they are easy to store and role. You can use flat garden hoses for construction and irrigation applications. You should get these hoses if you need something lightweight and flexible.

Soaker Garden Hoses

These types of garden hoses do not need much effort to use. The hose is designed to have porous holes making it easier to push water into the soil. The water is released into the soil through tiny holes in its body. It delivers minimal water flow to ensure your flowers and vegetables have adequate time to get the water. Moreover, this design helps to conserve water. You will find these garden hoses used in garden beds. This type of hose is effective in watering the garden and shrubs.

Spray and Soak Hoses

These hoses are designed to control both the flow and direction of water during the watering process. Ideally, the unit is made up of a combination of hoses. Whenever you water the plants, it drains and releases the excess amount of water. This helps plants and flowers absorb water. Other than gardening applications, you can also use these hoses for cleaning purposes.

Expandable Hoses

These types of garden hoses are very popular due to their design. Ideally, they are compact and smaller. They can easily expand up to 4 times their original size to deliver water. Also, called pocket hoses, you can easily store them after use. Since they are durable, they are suitable for routine watering needs. The expandable design eliminates the twisting and kinking issues that are common with most garden hoses.

Commercial-Grade Garden Hoses

The hoses are designed for industrial applications. They are durable and stronger. These hoses are very expensive. Moreover, they are weatherproof and resistant to UV rays. You can drag these hoses around without worrying about being damaged. However, they are heavier as compared to other garden hoses.


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