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What is the Best Thing About Travelling?




What is the Best Thing About Travelling?

Travelling is one of the most exotic and fun activities anyone can experience in this modern age. It does not require much money, nor does it involve too much planning and effort. It is definitely a lifestyle I would recommend any one to go on. What is the best thing about travelling? The answer varies for each person, but for the most part it involves seeing new places, meeting new people and experiencing a new culture. In a way travelling allows us to forget about all our daily routines and get away from the humdrum of life to experience something new.

Travelling is like a game that one can only get more familiar with as time goes by. It is an addiction just like gambling or even collecting stamps. Now if you ask me I would say it is like getting off on an adventure. Just like when we first started exploring the world, we had no idea how wonderful it would turn out to be.

I remember my father always used to say that whenever he took a holiday, he looked forward to it. He would talk about the experiences that he had and the places that he had been to. Some of his best memories were from European travel, and I think that was because he took trips to places like Paris, Rome and London. One of the best things about those trips was his ability to smell great. As a matter of fact, he always made sure that his clothes fit him perfectly.

Do you remember when you would go shopping in Paris and your mother would hide you in the till when you bought something? My grandmother would get very upset at me for running around like that. It would be like hiding yourself in an under the rug and she did not like that at all. So she would stop me and drag me out of the shop before I bought anything. It would be years later and I still do not understand why she would love to have seen those shops even though it had nothing to do with her.

Now, wouldn’t you like to have the same experience when you go travelling? You would not even have to go anywhere because you can do it right in your room. I am talking about your computer and internet connection. Many people who are used to travelling would find their travelling experience much better when they travel with a broadband Internet connection.

Travelling is also good because you can really get to know another culture and country. Imagine being able to get to know people from across the globe. Now, travelling would mean that you would have to spend time and money to travel. What if, instead of spending time and money on plane tickets and accommodation, you opted for the cheapest airfares and cheapest hotel rooms? Wouldn’t that be better than going travelling in a normal vehicle?

Travelling is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew exactly what the best things are about travelling? Would you like to know what it’s like to drive across country in hot weather? Or to go on an international road trip without your luggage even taking off?

The best way to learn about what is the best thing about Travelling? It’s all in the journey. You can make sure that the destination you pick will give you an experience that is unforgettable by doing all the planning up front. Start planning your trip today so you don’t have to wonder what the best thing about Travelling is.


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