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What You Should Know to Maintain a Summer Garden




Summertime is mostly the best season to grow a wide variety of flowers and crops. Whether you are planning a summer garden of potted plants or a vegetable garden in your yard, you should know that good preparation is very critical to have a successful and beautiful garden. Summer can bring days of extreme heat and that means your garden will need extra care.

But do not worry! Here, we have listed some summer gardening tips that you may have not thought of right away. Whether you are a novice or experienced gardener, these tips can help you out!

Summer garden tips

Level up your soil

Summer heat can diminish the quality of your soil. You have to level it up by adding some enrichment like compost, soil improver, or other organic matter. This will greatly enhance the soil’s ability to retain water and moisture and ensure that your plants are getting the right amount of nutrients.

Water your plants during daybreak

You should start watering your plants during daybreak, about the time when everything is misted with morning dew. This is the best time because the atmosphere is cooler in the mornings. This will give enough time for the water to reach the roots of your plants without the risk of the water evaporating right away. When the roots can absorb enough water, the plants are better equipped to stand the summer heat.

Pay more attention to hanging and potted plants

Hanging and potted plants dry up quickly because they retain less water. You should water them more frequently than you water ground plants. To help these plants retain more water, keep hanging plants in cooler and shaded areas and potted plants should have saucers underneath them. If you plan to use terra cotta pots, paint them on the inside too so that the material would not absorb the water as well.

Use the right watering tools

Sprinklers are great for lawns but not so great for plants. A garden hose will do a better job when it comes to watering your summer garden. A wall mount hose reel gives you more control, which is important since you should be only watering the soil and not the plant itself.

Rain barrel helps you save water

If water is scarce, you should set up a rain barrel. This is an ecological and efficient way to store and use rainwater for your garden. Rainwater is actually abundant with minerals that can help improve soil quality.

Install a shade

Providing shade to your summer garden is a must. Yes, summer plants are responsive to sun exposure but these days, climate change has changed that. Days are getting hotter and too much exposure to extreme heat can be dangerous to your plants. You can use a shade cloth, a tarpaulin, or a shade sail. You can also build a clear roof over your garden if you have the budget for it.

Last thoughts

As you can see, maintaining a summer garden is not as easy as it looks. You still have to put in a lot of time and effort and plants grow best when they are tended to. With these tips in mind, you will surely end up having the summer garden of your dreams.


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