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Why Human Hair Headband Wig Have Become So Popular?




A human hair headband wig is not something strange, especially for women who purchase wigs of all sorts. However, recently this particular type has become extremely popular not just for how great it looks when worn but also for the ease it provides the users.

The hair is stitched to the wig cap, which is attached to the headband. The reason for their increasing demand is that these wigs are only meant for the back of your head and allow you to style and show your natural hairline.

The headband wig is different from the regular lace front wigs as it doesn’t require any extra fasteners or clips; instead, the headband itself secures it into place. They come in multiple styles and sizes. Therefore, when purchasing, you should consider the number of combs inserted, the softness and width of the headband, and its detachability.

Benefits of Wearing A Human Hair Headband Wig

The headband wigs are not an in-demand product without reason. They have numerous advantages over the lace front wigs that make the customers add them to their collection. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Protects Your Hairline

Since the headband wig is also considered a half wig, it will only cover the back of your head. There is no lace that you need to cut to make the wig fit your head. Also, you don’t need to secure it to your head by using any glue. This quality prevents your hair from getting damaged since the glue can ruin the follicles and cause hair fall. However, it doesn’t mean that the headband wig would fail to perfectly fit as the headband is made elastic for that purpose.

2. Breathable

As the wig allows your hairline to be exposed, it lets the front hair take in the required oxygen. This feature makes it perfect for summer and regions of a hot climate. Compared to other wigs in the market, the headband wig is also very light and comfortable. The headband itself is made of highly breathable material.

3. Ease of Installation

The headband wigs are extremely easy to put on. You’ll never need more than 10 minutes to put it in place. This is because the headband wigs come pre-styled. All you need to do is slide the headband around your head and hold it in place with the help of the few combs attached. Whereas for other types of wigs, you’ll need about an hour and sometimes more to work it out.

4. Multi-purpose

The great advantage of a headband wig is that you only need to buy one, and it will be suitable for all occasions. The headbands are detachable most of the time, so you can simply swap the headband as per your choice. It even allows you to make different hairstyles such as ponytails, buns, braids, etc. So now, you can go to the gym, do yoga, have dinner, and even have parties, all wearing a single wig. 

5. Affordable

The headband wigs are less expensive than the lace front wigs. The reason for that is because machines manufacture these wigs entirely. On the other hand, for lace front wigs, some areas demand a hand-tied. Furthermore, you save some extra bucks as you don’t need to go to a hairstylist for its perfect fitting or installation.


The headband wigs come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and textures of hair. They are extra useful if you’re a beginner and are unaware of the complexities that come with lace front wigs. Apart from that, the benefits mentioned above of the headband wigs are convincing even professionals to switch to this incredible invention.


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