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Things to Consider for Commercial Crawfish Traps




If you’re looking to start a crawfish business, or just want to add a little spice to your backyard crawfish boils, it’s important to know the best way to trap them. Here are some things to consider when choosing and setting up commercial crawfish traps.

The Trap Design

The design of the trap can be important because it can determine how successful your business is going to be. You will want to choose a design that works well for your area and also works for your budget.

The Location

Where you put your trap can make all the difference in whether or not it will catch any crawfish. If you put it in an area that doesn’t have many crawfish, then it won’t catch anything! However, if you put it in an area with plenty of crawfish, then it might catch too many and not enough for everyone who wants one! So, choosing a good location is key!

Trap Size

The size of the trap is important because it determines how many crawfish you can catch at once. The size also affects how much space it takes up in your boat or on land. Smaller traps can fit into tight spaces and may be more suitable for smaller boats with limited storage space. Large traps can hold more crawfish at once and are easier to carry around than small ones.


Crawfish traps are usually made out of plastic or metal wire mesh because they’re strong enough to hold up against the force of catching large amounts of crawfish without breaking or rusted out too quickly due to salt water exposure while being stored on a boat or land. There are also wooden traps that can be used as well but they tend not to last as long since wood gets sogged easily.

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions play a major role in determining the success rate of your crawfish trap. If it is too cold, then you will not get any catch, while if it’s too hot, then it may kill your crawfish. If you want to fish in winter, then keep an eye on any impending rainstorms or snowfall that may affect your catch.

Bait Type

If you want to attract more crawfish, then you should consider using live bait such as minnows, earthworms or even chicken liver inside your traps. Live bait attracts more crawfish than other types of bait such as corn or bread crumbs because they emit pheromones which attract male and female crawfish alike.


A commercial crawfish trap should be considered a part of the crawfish habitat. It’s important to think about the best bait, brush and trap placement, water quality, and management for efficient harvesting of crawfish. For traps going into low-water environments, mobile traps are necessary so fisherman don’t have to wait for water before they can begin crawfish harvesting with their traps.

All in all, when looking at crawfish traps make sure you are getting the right setup for your needs and demands.


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