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Three Facts that You Didn’t Know Being a Shigaraki Fan




Tomura Shigaraki has been a central antagonist in the famous manga and anime series, My Hero’s Academia. The series has different heroes and villains. Unlike most of the series, My Hero’s Academia has a ruthless villain having Shigaraki as the iconic villain that stands out. The series features Shigaraki as the main antagonist of Midoriya and he is adored by fans all around the globe mainly because of his might and glory.

Here are the three facts that make you a die-hard fan of Tomura Shigaraki:

1. Decay

One thing that makes Tomura Shigaraki the most badass adversary is having decay as one of his quirks. Decay makes Tomura Shigaraki an invincible super-villain who stirs fear in the hearts of most My Hero’s Academia heroes. Initially, decay quirk worked with the touch of five fingers that later evolved into the disintegration of enemies through telekinesis. At one point, Shigaraki’s decay quirk has become so powerful that he can completely obliterate the whole city. If you prefer to watch the decay quirk in action, you should watch Tomura’s fight with Re-Destro.

2. Superior Intellect

Being the top adversary is not an easy reputation to maintain, it does not only require quirks, but also the superior intellect to outsmart the heroes. During the series, Shigaraki has been portrayed as a strong intellectual person who can singlehandedly control the League of Villains. Throughout the series, you can see him one step ahead of his enemies by careful planning and execution of his schemes. It could be one of the reasons that make anyone become a fan of Shigaraki. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, Think of him as the “Littlefinger” of My Hero’s Academia but more merciless.

3. Troubled Childhood

Shigaraki has faced inhumane beating from his father. With such trauma in childhood, Tomura Shigaraki has become a ruthless villain having no love for the world. This is when Tomura has come to know about his deadliest quirk, “Decay”. This brutal transformation has started the journey of the infamous Tomura Shigaraki. He has begun his killing spree with his pet dog and left no one except his father, saving the best for last. Most of the fans with troubled childhood relate to his story. Later this has led Shigaraki to become the villain who enjoys attacking institutions and heroes. Such notoriety has led him to become the most sought villain in Japan as well.


Tomura Shigaraki has become a name of ruthlessness in the world of anime and manga. However, it has started with a troubled upbringing as a child. It has later led Tomura Shigaraki to begin his rampage against the heroes and institutions. Intellectual superiority, ruthless behavior, and powerful quirks are some of the features that are hardly present in almost any villain. Tomura Shigaraki ticks all the boxes for becoming the prime antagonist among all the manga and amine series.


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